Giingo Q-Shield

Open Source Mini Drone Development Platform

Giingo Q-Shield hardware consists of two main parts.

Base Unit

PCB based drone frame. It includes built-in drone core components such as sensors, motor drivers and power managements ICs. Plug and fly the Drone on supported Control Units.

Control Unit

Control Units are Wireless connectivity enabled IoT modules. You could use any of the platform supported IoT Modules. Or better yet, use your own and integrate it to open source project!

Current supported IoT modules on Giingo Q-Shield are:

Formerly known as Spark Core is Particle's first Cloud Connected WiFi IoT Module.

Particle (Spark) Core

Particle Photon is the newer, feature rich module. Its pins are compatible with Spark Core.

Particle Photon

Control Library

Giingo Q-Shield drone software library turns any supported IoT module into a drone "brain". It is developed with C/C++ and will be released under GPL license.

Auxiliary units

Auxiliary units expand the shield's functionalities. They are connected through the expander connector of base unit. Below is the list of Auxiliary Units.

Giingo Q-Shield Key points

  • Modular built
  • Open source
  • Mavlink Integrated
  • Open Source Control Library
  • App to control the Drone

Operational introduction

Controlling methods for Giingo Q-Shield are:
  • Giingo Ground Control smart phone Application.
  • QGroundcontrol application.
  • Tactile controller, Play Station controller through pairing with Smart Phone.

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